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Red Rock Canyon
The Red Rock Canyon flood of '97 was unique from the standpoint no one died, considering both northbound lanes of Highway 14 were washed out. 
A Kern County sheriff was able to stop southbound traffic before, what he called a 6' wall of water, came through. Note woman top right center between barricades
People headed northbound were not as fortunate. The young woman driving this car gives credit to a truck driver for saving her life when she was encouraged by him to swim as hard as she could.
The light bar from a BLM rangers truck is all that remains of it when it was swept away from the station.
Another victim of the flood, a six wheel John Deer rover, nearly buried in the wash.
Badly battered, this tool cabinet was also washed away from the ranger station during the flood. 
 Railroad tracks below Garlock road were hit hard. Roadbed on one side covered, the other washed away.
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